The Galaxy Group is a Business & Leadership Training Agency focused on "Transforming Busy Service Providers into Profitable Difference Makers."

U.S. Air Force veteran and Elite Sniper For Business Systems Jay Jackson is a #OneForAll Connective Leading Thought Leader who has been where you are. You want to serve a cause greater than yourself. Your dream is as big as our galaxy. You believe in your mission and you’re clear on the difference you could make… “if only.”

  • If only… there were more hours in the day
  •  If only… you could get others to care as much as you.
  •  If only… you could find more money to invest in scaling your business.
Right now, you’re the ONE who makes it happen every day, but you want to reach ALL.
  • ALL of the people you want to serve.
  •  ALL the people your movement can equip.
  •  ALL your present and future team members.
  •  ALL the evangelists of your game-changing vision.
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Jay and his team leverage insights gained through multi-billion dollar military operations, along with Jay’s own Connective Leading approach, to maximize the impact of each ONE to achieve The Galaxy Group’s mission for ALL: to Transform Service Providers into Profitable Difference Makers.

You have more resources than you think, yet you feel stuck. It's because you don’t know what you need to know. This almost definitely applies to you if any of the following still feel true, no matter what you’ve tried:
  • There are way more ways to spend money than to make money.
  •  You know the “WHY” of your vision but struggle with the “HOW” of operations.
  •  You're frustrated in others’ lack of commitment or follow-through.
  •  No matter how much you plan, “something always happens, like the business Gods are working against you.
  •  You spend countless hours doing work only you can do, wishing you could just clone yourself.
The Galaxy Group leaders turn the struggle around for coaches across four areas:

Vision—empower each ONE on your team to take ownership of your “WHY.” 
Systems—every ONE dollar, material, effort, and minute contributes to your desired results.
Capacity—each ONE on your team grows in your culture of focus, discipline, and accountability.
Communication—each ONE knows what service is required of them in your cohesive unit.

As a veteran-owned and operated company, you will find The Galaxy Group ready to serve your mission. We are the ONE group to help you achieve your ALL. Let us take your business galactic.

The Galaxy Group combines timeless leadership experience with a set of simple, practical, real-world tools to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. The Galaxy Group offers comprehensive training and support to entrepreneurs who want to operate more efficiently.
Experience Liftoff In Your Business Today!
Request a free 60-Minute Session to learn how you can generate consistent recurring revenue.
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